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Best #TreasuredGift

Read the touching story of the best #TreasuredGift Blogger Cheryl Sousan of Tidy Mom ever received.

It happens every year. The holidays come faster and faster, and I feel like I’m racing toward one big deadline. Maybe it’s because our kids are grown and grandchildren have yet to enter the picture, but putting up the tree feels like a chore.

Although once the tree is up and Christmas carols are filling the room, something magical happens. Suddenly, I’m happy that I took the time to drag out the boxes, struggled with stringing lights on the tree and unwrapped all the little trinkets. I’m transcended back in time, looking at all the old ornaments, remembering Christmases past and missing those who are no longer with us. It’s kind of crazy how memories can overwhelm you sometimes.

I’m one of those people who enjoys giving gifts much more than receiving them. I’d rather sit back and happily watch family and friends open gifts. Besides, I tend to buy myself what I want or need, so surprising me with a gift, can often prove to be difficult. But it was easy to look back on 50 birthdays and Christmases, 27 Mother’s Days and 29 Anniversaries and choose the one gift that I could call my best #TreasuredGift.


That gift came to me from my dad for my 38th birthday. My dad was a furniture builder, and I was lucky enough to have a house full of furniture that he had made. Any time I had a need for something, dad would build it for me. From a kitchen table and a coffee table, to an entertainment center and dressers and beds for our daughters. If I asked, he built it. How lucky was I?


On my birthday this particular year, dad had been sick with lung cancer. He had slowed down on building and working in the shop. But somehow he managed to surprise me with a beautiful lingerie chest for my bedroom. It’s not a piece I asked for, it’s a piece Dad wanted me to have and wanted to build for me. It also happened to be the last piece of furniture my dad handcrafted for me before passing away a little less than a year later.


That lingerie chest is my best #TreasuredGift. Not only did my dad manage to surprise me with a beautiful gift that he made and was so excited to give it to me, but it’s filled with so many wonderful memories. It’s like I have a part of my dad with me everyday. Over the years, my taste and style has changed and I don’t have all of the furniture he built for me (our daughters have some of it), but the lingerie chest is a piece I will hold on to forever.


Not long after he passed away, my mom gave my husband and I the king size sleigh bed my dad made for them. It was always one of my favorite pieces in their house and it means the world to me.

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