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Luxurious Bathroom Makeover for Under $200

Read how blogger Jennifer Perkins used luxurious linens, decor and accessories from Tuesday Morning to complete a bathroom makeover under $200!

I’ve lived in my house for 3 years and have made almost every room my own. However, the master bathroom has never been touched. The shower curtain brought over from my previous house was never quite long enough. The large counter space between the two sinks always looked in disarray with various toiletries strewn around. Don’t even get me started on the dingy towels and bathmat. Even my children’s bathroom was better looking than mine. It was time for a bathroom makeover.

bathroom makeover

First things first, I needed a new shower curtain. Not just a shower curtain, I did not even have a liner. If you are going to re-do a bathroom start with the shower curtain and build everything out from there. I opted for a solid (navy) rather than a print as I knew I wanted colorful rugs.


Speaking of colorful rugs, I have this thing for the rugs at Tuesday Morning. My headboard is made of rugs from Tuesday Morning. My very favorite colorful kilim is from Tuesday Morning. My kids’ bathmats and now my own bathmats are from Tuesday Morning. I wanted something extra soft directly outside the shower and something with more color and texture in front of the sinks. These jute rugs can not get soaking wet, but they look great and bring the boho vibe I was hoping for to the bathroom.


Even though my master bathroom is filled with shelves, drawers and cabinets, things still end up on the counter. I needed a stylish way to corral things. Also, there is no hand towel rack near the sinks so somewhere to keep towels was a must. I love baskets for adding an earthy feel and this small one was perfect. I filled the basket with new colorful towels and an acrylic organizer for combs, makeup and more. Now things can go in the basket as opposed to on the counter.


If I was going to make the counter look all pretty with a fancy basket, it only made sense that I would add some spiffy accents like soap pumps, mirrors, plants, picture frames and toothbrush holders. A bar of soap slung on the counter or a cheap plastic bottle full of liquid soap was not going to cut it in my new bathroom oasis.


You can’t have a bathroom makeover without new soft towels. 100% Turkish cotton green and beige towels next to the navy shower curtain tied in with the colors in the two jute rugs in front of the sinks perfectly. I could have gone with a million different color and style combinations, there were tons of choices at Tuesday Morning.


I figured go big or go home so while at Tuesday Morning I also stocked up on some fun spa items, like a bamboo and pumice foot brush, sea sponges and fancy lemon soap. I feel like I’m staying in a luxury hotel.


Finally my master bathroom got a makeover of it’s very own like the rest of the house and for under $200. That’s not too shabby at all for one of the rooms in your house you spend so much time in. Now I’m thinking why didn’t I do this sooner?

Ready to create your bathroom makeover for under $200? Find a Tuesday Morning near you, by clicking HERE. You can also check out the newest arrivals HERE and be the first to know about new products and promotions by signing up for the email newsletter HERE!

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Featured products: navy shower curtain $19.99 (compare at $59.99), splash guard shower liner $5.99 (compare at $9.99), jute shower rug $19.99 (compare at $49.99), shower mat $14.99 (compare at $29.99), basket $9.99 (compare at $26.00), acrylic organizer $7.99 (compare at $14.99), soap pump $9.99 (compare at $26.99), vanity mirror $14.99 (compare at $29.99), toothbrush holder $7.99 (compare at $22.99), 100% Turkish cotton hand towel $5.99 (compare at $12.00), 100% cotton bath towel $6.99 (compare at $12.00), sea sponge $1.49 (compare at $2.99), exfoliating lemon soap $3.99 (compare at $10.00), bamboo foot brush $2.99 (compare at $5.99)

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Jennifer Perkins

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Blog: Jennifer Perkins

My home Tuesday Morning location: Burnet Road in Austin, Texas

My favorite Tuesday Morning department: I’m pretty smitten on the seasonal décor and craft departments.

A little about me: I dabble in all things DIY. Lucky for me, Tuesday Morning does, too. I’m a crafter at heart. I have written and published books on jewelry-making, hosted TV shows about crafting and run a successful DIY company that has been featured everywhere from Marie Claire to The Wall Street Journal. I love to cook, craft, decorate, plan parties — you name it, if it involves paint or glue, I’m in.

What I love to write about: I want to share my love of DIY with the world. I’m constantly writing about the parties I’m throwing, the crafts I’m doing with my kids or my latest home décor project. I get bored easily and tend to flip-flop my passions, but they all have a crafty slant.

I blame this craft addiction on my mother, who took me to my first Tuesday Morning. I am passing this vice onto my children. They love all the craft kits for kids in the toy department. I love the craft department. Whether I need yarn for weaving wall hangings or am in the mood to scrapbook, Tuesday Morning has me covered.

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  1. Reply Roses

    Wow..I am inspired! I just moved into a new apt with all gray’s beautiful but I can’t quite find a new vibe for my huge bathroom with no windows any ideas? I found a pretty solid lavender shower curtain, and added a small mirror to the counter but somethings missing..