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How to Organize a Charming Study Station

We’ve partnered with interior designer Rebekah Dempsey of A Blissful Nest to create a colorful child’s workspace. This mom knows plenty about creating beautiful, organized spaces AND wrangling kids!

It’s back-to-school time for us all, and do you know what that means? It’s time to get ourselves and our kiddos organized. As kids get older they need different supplies, but something that never changes is the need for storage. We have created a colorful AND functional space that we know you will love, and we hope it inspires you to do the same.

09042015-Dempsey-Back To School-1-448x300

First we carved out a spot for all the back-to-school essentials and a workspace right next to the bed using a desk and small bookcase. Dedicating a specific space for everything helps corral it together and make organizing it much easier.

09042015-Dempsey-Back To School-2-448x600

I love using stackable boxes. You can place them up high on a shelf or in cubbies. These ones are so bright and colorful. They also have a place on the front to slide a little label in so you know what is in each box. We matched them with the colors of the room so they feel more decorative.

09042015-Dempsey-Back To School-3-448x600

Corralling all the pencils, sticky notes, erasers and rulers in this organizer is brilliant! It twirls around (which every kid loves) so it’s easy to get to what you need. We added in some personalized school pencils with my child’s name to make it extra special.

09042015-Dempsey-Back To School-4-448x300

09042015-Dempsey-Back To School-5-448x300

The space right on top of the desk should be clean and clear yet have places to wrangle all the papers that will undoubtedly be coming home.

09042015-Dempsey-Back To School-6-448x600

This stand-up paper tray is perfect and has multiple compartments. We plan to use ours for homework to do, notes to/from the teacher and any other miscellaneous papers to make their way home before they are filed away. I love using these tall jars to hold crayons and paper clips. Our little board has vintage flash cards on them but will soon hold the sight words of the week the child will need to learn.

09042015-Dempsey-Back To School-7-448x600

I always like to add an unexpected whimsical touch to my designs, and this one is too cute! Our little dog bookend keeps our journals propped up so they don’t fall. And speaking of journals, I like to have a few on hand for tasks such as writing notes to the teacher or making to-do lists for upcoming projects.

09042015-Dempsey-Back To School-8-448x600

I love creating gallery walls that hold meaning. This little girl is a horse lover, and I added a sweet chalkboard with gentle reminders that school rocks!

09042015-Dempsey-Back To School-9-448x600

So here are my takeaway tips to get back-to-school ready:

  • Coordinate colors with what is already in the room
  • Use decorative boxes for functional storage solutions
  • Create a place to corral papers
  • Use jars for storing crayons and other art materials
  • Show personality through a few whimsical yet functional objects

09042015-Dempsey-Back To School-10-448x300

Kick the school year off right with even more tips on our Back to School! pinboard. You’ll find creative organizational ideas, smart study habits and delicious lunchbox recipes.


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A little about me: I am a native Californian but moved to Dallas 3 years ago. I absolutely love living in the South but still miss seeing the beach every day. I love going junking on the weekends with friends and am constantly reinventing the rooms in my home. I love moving pieces around that I already own to create a new look! My days are full with my design clients, running A Blissful Nest and being a soccer mom on the weekends. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What I love to write about: I love writing about design tips and how to get a designer look with not a whole lot of effort. I love mixing unusual color combinations with unique pattern mixes. Everyone deserves a blissful home with their own personal signature touch!

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  1. Reply Adela lopez

    Absolutely love your store. Your products are presented in such a way that I can imagine them in my home.

  2. Reply Sonya

    Too cute. Love the wall hanging over bed. Love the vibrant colors. This would make any little girl very happy♡

  3. Reply Sandwra Benifield

    I just got a idea on how to make a corner of my room. Will be a office.

  4. Reply Tami Welliver

    Love your stores. Miss the downtown Bellevue store but looking forward to the new one at Crossroads in the old Ace Hardware space… Woo hoo!