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Baby, it’s Cold Outside

I’m all about cold weather during the holiday season: everything seems so much more festive when it’s chilly out! But now that the holidays are over and all our decorations are packed away (I like to get everything put away before New Year’s Day, personally), the cold’s not as fun. And of course, January and February are when it starts to get really cold, windy, and plain ol’ miserable here in North Texas.

So before it starts to feel like winter is interminable, and before we find ourselves stuck at home because of the weather, I figured I should make a little “cabin fever cure” list!

Here are some ideas for keeping the winter blues at bay when the weather keeps you inside:

Plant an Indoor Garden

There’s something hopeful and gratifying about watching plants sprout and flourish inside while the world is frozen and dreary outside. Herbs and lettuces are easy to grow indoors; grow fairly quickly; and add a healthy, fresh, and flavorful boost to your winter meals.

120414-Dineen-Cold Outside-indoor garden-448x300

Isn’t this a clever idea? Use a length of gutter to create an indoor lettuce bed along a windowsill! (If you have cats—like we do—plant some wheatgrass to help distract them from chewing on your plants. You’ll be happier, and so will they!)

Write a Letter…by Hand

For many of us, the only times we pick up a pen is when we’re signing checks, credit card receipts, or parent permission slips for school. If winter weather is keeping you inside, take the time to connect with family and friends the old-fashioned way: through a handwritten letter. If you’re worried that your hand might cramp up prematurely, you can always ease into it by writing thank-you notes for the gifts you received over the holidays.

120414-Dineen-Cold Outside-letters-448x300

Go one step further and write a note to one of our many deployed servicemen and –women. Here’s a great site that offers suggestions for care packages that you can put together as well. I can guarantee you that for those serving far away from home, there’s nothing like a handwritten message and a little care package to lift their spirits!

Learn to Knit or Crochet

I’ve spent many a cozy afternoon in front of the fireplace with a crochet needle and ball of yarn in hand, and those afternoons count among my favorite winter memories. Scarves are a terrific beginner project for new knitters and crocheters. If you’re already a pro, why not churn out some warm scarves to donate to local shelters and charities? What a great way to help folks in need stay warm this winter.

120414-Dineen-Cold Outside-arm knitting-448x300

If you’re not ready to commit to learning traditional knitting or crochet, you can still make cozy, chunky scarves by arm knitting! Now, I haven’t actually tried this myself, but I’ve watched a couple of tutorials and it looks pretty straightforward. Just watch the tutorial, put on a movie, and you’ll have a finished scarf by the time the credits roll. All you need is a few skeins of bulky yarn. My local Tuesday Morning always has a good selection of quality yarns at bargain prices—be sure to check out your local store!

Learn a New Language

Exercise your brain while you’re cooped up on cold, dreary days by taking up a new language. (Now is the perfect time to start if you’ve got a trip abroad planned for the summer!) It’s easier than ever to immerse yourself in another language, thanks to the Internet (for foreign language news sources and websites), satellite TV (for foreign language channels and subtitled movies), and other digital media (think language-learning mobile apps and podcasts).

120414-Dineen-Cold Outside-languages-448x300

Here’s a tip: search online for homeschooling resources to find low-cost and free language learning websites and tools. There are so many parents who are homeschooling their children these days, and the homeschooling community is great about sharing resources online. You may be able to find the perfect introductory course to get you started with a new language!

Create a Cocoon…

OK, it’s already hard enough to get out of bed in the mornings, without turning my bed into a blissful, warm cocoon…but I like to cozy up my bedding in the wintertime anyway, for winter weekend lounging. There’s no need to rush out to buy all new, perfectly matched bedding for the winter. Just like the sweet charm of a table set with mismatched vintage china, there’s something to be said for the appeal of mismatched layers of bedding. Add a few extra throw blankets of different textures (chunky knit, wool plaid, fleece) and oversized throw pillows and settle in for a long winter’s nap. (Check out this post I wrote this fall for some of my bedding favorites. Here’s a hint: I love anything and everything Peacock Alley!)

120414-Dineen-Cold Outside-cozy bed-448x600

Even if your bedroom is carpeted, a plush faux sheepskin rug adds instant warmth and texture to your room.

120414-Dineen-Cold Outside-TM sheepskin rug-448x300

Tuesday Morning had a similar rug not too long ago!

…And Hibernate for the Day

120414-Dineen-Cold Outside-fireside tea-448x600

Sometimes there’s really no good way to shake off the winter blahs. On those days, stay in your favorite comfy pajamas, curl up in your bed or on your sofa, queue up a movie marathon or grab a book you’ve been wanting to read, and just hibernate for the day. That’s what winter’s all about, right?

What are your favorite things to do when it’s too cold to go out? Comment below and share your winter cabin fever cures! And don’t forget to visit our Pinterest board for more indoor activities for kids, home décor ideas, winter crafts and recipes, and more!

Stay warm!


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  1. Reply Sandy Wallace

    i am so sorry and sad that my local TM is going away. I have always loved shopping there for so many things. I wish you could stay and not try to send me more than 20 miles away.

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Hi Sandy,
      We’re so sorry your local store closed. Sometimes closing a store is out of Tuesday Morning’s hands. We hope that you’ll still be a loyal shopper. Please check out this link to find your nearest store-

  2. Reply Jennifer Essad

    it’s so much fun for me to have an hour that I can browse TM once a week or so, I love finding treasures there

  3. Reply Ann

    You mentioned a website that has suggestions for sending care packages to soldiers but didn’t include it. Please provide the website you were referring to. Thank you.

  4. Reply Jean

    I love the winter indoor garden. That’s a great idea.

    • Reply Tricia Mack

      Enjoyed your blog. Maybe I missed it but the section on sending a letter to service members overseas did not contain the address or a link where we could send mail. (Blog says: “Here’s a great site…”) Could you either direct me to the right place or maybe add the address, if it was missing. I think this is a good idea for me. Thanks.

  5. Reply bonni eicher

    yeah,winter is here,time to make delightful little teddybears,zombie zoo`s or any kind of cosy creature you are partial too.

  6. Reply julie cerrito

    hi: there is no website for the service people you mentioned. You said to write to a deployed person. julie

  7. Reply Beth

    what isi the website for writing to deployed service people and care package suggestions? Thank you

  8. Reply malissa anderson

    I LOVE TM, My favorite store to find the perfect item for decorating, gift giving, crafting and just because. Thanks Anna for the hibernate for a day ideas

  9. Reply Marjorie Weber

    Fascinated by the window planter, then read it was from a gutter piece.
    I haven’t had a gutter put in, so I didn’t think of it. Ha.
    I do use some very slender trays to catch water drippings.
    Love your stores and the one I shop at the most is on I30 & Beltline.
    So glad the tornado didn’t hit that area. So sorry for the others.

  10. Reply Bev Bowker

    I like your blog! Good ideas, and straight forward! Thanks!

  11. Reply Christine Meade

    The site has two different options for contacting service members.
    You can ‘adopt’ someone long term that you sign up to write to (in some cases email them?) for 6 – 12 months while they are deployed or you can work thru their ‘Project Frontlines’ for a “one-time or short-term donation(s) to a unit/platoon over on deployment. This can include letters, cards, and/or packages.”
    I haven’t used them but know just how much my family has enjoyed any and all letters & packages over their many years of service.

    • Reply Christine Meade

      Sorry that should be .org not .com

      • Reply Amy

        Thank you so much for the address to write to our servicemen.

  12. Reply Nancy

    Would have been nice if you had actually included the address for the servicemen that you referred to.

    • Reply Emily

      For the safety and security of service men and women, addresses for deployed soldiers are protected. AdoptUSsoldier is a great way to send stuff to our troops without compromising security. You can also contact your local base/post and see if they can direct you to a local contact. Thank you for your willingness to support our service families!

  13. Reply Janice Lyal

    I am very interested in the indoor garden…