How to use color to transform rooms
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How to Add Color to Transform Rooms

We partnered with interior designer and HGTV personality, David Bromstad. See his tips for using pieces from his collection, available now exclusively at Tuesday Morning, to update your tired rooms into exciting, vibrant spaces.

Transforming a dull, tired space into a vibrant room is what I live for! Here are some quick tips to make it easy.

First of all, remove pieces that aren’t doing anything fun for your room. Then, assess the situation. What feeling or look do you ultimately want out of your room? Establishing goals before you set out to find fabulous new pieces will help keep you on track.

Blue chair and chevron cabinet

Then we shop until we drop! Let’s start with your fifth wall, the floor! So many people ignore the floor and it’s a fantastic place to incorporate some fabulous color, pattern and texture to your room. A beautiful rug also helps define the area you are designing.

Furniture is next. Find complimentary pieces to the rug.

Lighting is key in making any room look well designed. Go bold with this option.

Don’t leave your walls bare! Add wall art. Choose pieces that express your personality. There are no rules when it comes to art! The pieces don’t have to include colors from the rest of the room, so don’t be afraid to be adventurous with your choices.

Green settee and tufted round bench

And finally, finish off the room with accessories. Fill in the gaps with accent pillows, throws and fabulous finds to make your room the best room it can be.

If you’re going to repaint your room, pick your paint color last. Finding the perfect chair or rug is way more important than working around a wall color. After all, paint comes in a billion different colors, but furnishings do not.

Tufted chair and blue wall

Here are some pieces from my collection that will help get you started on your fabulous new room!

Blue Velvet Chair

What a sexy chair! Its lines are timeless and chic beyond compare. The bold shade of blue is that perfect pop of color to liven up any space. The versatility of this piece is so much fun! Use it as a captain’s chair in the dining room or as the perfect accent chair in the living room or bedroom.

Blue velvet chair

Chevron Cabinet

The combination of wood and mirror in this cabinet is absolutely striking and will make any room literally shine. It’s reflective, so it’s ideal for showing off all the beautiful colors in your space. To create a statement of luxury, place two or three cabinets together as a storage unit.

chevron cabinet closed

chevron cabinet closed

Green and Blue Ottoman

The chic gold base gives these colorful gems a true look of grandeur. Ottomans of this size are super versatile for your living room or bedrooms.

Green ottoman

Blue ottoman

Feathers Wall Art

This colorful feather wall art brings life and flair to any space. Use them on their own or in a series of two or more to fill up your bare walls.

Feathers Art 1

Feathers art 2

Vibrant Rugs

I have to admit that I’m so excited about the rugs in my collection. They are bold, colorful and completely sophisticated, and the quality of the weave is really amazing. Use them to help define an area as well as bring life to your space in the form of color, texture, pattern and comfort.

Blue rug

Pink rug

Boho Trays

Rectangular trays

Square Trays

I live for a fabulous tray and these are exactly that. Bold colors and patterns combined with wood details make for the perfect serving tray. Use these trays as a place to fill with decorative accents or add character to your walls by hanging them as wall art. They’re great to set on ottomans, cabinets, beds or wherever you can find a notch to be decorated.

Home accents

Home accessories - Bookshelf

Spanish Glass Lamps

What better way to add light than with these stunning Spanish glass lamps? You can choose from four colors to suit your personal style. Their size makes a bold statement and the texture of the glass is so beautiful. Try flanking two beside your bed, couch or credenza to bring magic to your bedroom, living room or dining room.

Spanish Glass lamps

Gold Foil art

Wall art featuring motivational or fun words and phrases are all the rage! Combine that trend with gold colors so you’ll have an art piece that will literally make a statement without trying.

gold foil art

gold foil art-love

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