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5 Tips for Maximizing Your Closet Space

With summer here, the need to be organized with the kids at home is a big focus. They need to be able to find things just as much as we do. We have very little storage space in our home so maximizing our closet space is really important. Lucky for me, Tuesday Morning had everything I needed so today I am sharing with you my top 5 closet storage tips.

closet storage tips

Tip 1: Group your items.

Make piles of what you are wanting to put into your space. For instance, I grouped my towels, pillows cases, sheets, extra bed pillows, etc. This will help when you put everything back.

Tip 2: Choose functional bins.

Select bins and storage items that will house all your items in your different groups. Choose bins, like these aqua damask bins from Tuesday Morning, for items like blankets and pillows. They are nice and deep and even fold down flat when you don’t need them. You have to love that!


Tip 3: Label it.

I love these wood crates from Tuesday Morning that have a chalkboard front. Since these bins are a little higher than eye level, this helps me identify what is inside them. I can change the words when I need to use them for something else.


Tip 4: Roll Sheets.

Yes, you heard me right! I roll all my sheets and pillows cases to avoid wrinkles. The worst is when you go to make your bed and they look like they’ve been just tossed somewhere, even after you thought you folded them. I fold my sheets in half and then roll them like a sleeping bag. I promise you will never go back to folding sheets again!



Tip 5: Use empty space.

Now, I know this one sounds hard, but you just have to think out of the box. For example, this rack from Tuesday Morning is for a pantry door. I thought it would work great on my narrow hallway door for me to store soaps, shampoos, extra toothbrushes, our guest hairdryer, etc. It makes toiletries so visible and accessible.



Did you know that Tuesday Morning has great lotions, soaps and bath accessories?! I love these specialty items and keep extras on hand, especially now that I have the room to store them.


Get organized with me and turn your small space into a dream space. Tuesday Morning has got you covered for your organizational needs! For more ideas on maximizing your closet space, pop over and check out Tuesday Morning’s “Cut the Clutter” Pinterest board.

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Rebekah Dempsey

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Blog: A Blissful Nest

My home Tuesday Morning location: Allen, Texas

My favorite Tuesday Morning department: The Pillows!

A little about me: I am a native Californian but moved to Dallas 3 years ago. I absolutely love living in the South but still miss seeing the beach every day. I love going junking on the weekends with friends and am constantly reinventing the rooms in my home. I love moving pieces around that I already own to create a new look! My days are full with my design clients, running A Blissful Nest and being a soccer mom on the weekends. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What I love to write about: I love writing about design tips and how to get a designer look with not a whole lot of effort. I love mixing unusual color combinations with unique pattern mixes. Everyone deserves a blissful home with their own personal signature touch!

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  1. Reply Bonnie Taylor

    Rolling sheets … love the suggestion. Stumped about folding in half. Do you fold them in half again so the roll will not be so long? Not sure of your instructions. Love all of your ideas. We have moved into a cottage part-time to be closer to family. Storage space is minimal. On the hunt for small storage. Thanks so much for you expertise!

  2. Reply Elsa Buck

    Hello fr SoCal. Love your blog!

  3. Reply Mary Kensek

    I have been shopping at Tuesday Morning happily in Mechanicsburg,
    Pa. For a number of years. We moved to Cape Coral, Florida about
    9 years ago. Since then we have shopped at Tuesday Morning in
    Ft. Myers. The store and the employees are very nice. Going to Ft.
    Myers Is not. There is definitely a market for Tuesday Morning here in Cape Coral I feel that Tuesday Morning would thrive in and is
    definitely missing.
    Hope to see you here very soon please,
    Thank you,
    Mary Kensek

  4. Reply Marilyn

    Never had I thought to roll sheets. I’ve rolled towels for years now, but I will be rolling sheets from now on! Thank you.

  5. Reply teresita bocanegra

    I love Tuesday Morning but when they moved to their new location, the only one in Miami Fl. it is almost impossible for me and my friends to go there to shop. It is too far away. And it is also the only one. Before they had three stores but now is like a trip to the moon.