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How To Give Their Dorm the Comforts of Home

Dorm room, sweet dorm room… I can remember moving into my dorm room many years ago at the University of Oklahoma. The cold tile floors, the old wooden furniture, the not so comfy twin XL bed and the tiny closet (if you could even really call it a closet) were in dire need of some dorm room decorating ideas! That was 20 years ago but I do not think much has changed! Now it is my daughter’s turn to start her college adventure!

As her mom, I am beyond excited for her to follow her dreams but I am also so sad to see her go so far away. I want to make sure her dorm room feels like home while she is there! It can be so overwhelming trying to shop for the room. There are so many items that are needed but you have such a small space to fit them into! I knew Tuesday Morning would be the perfect place to get a head start on our dorm room necessities!

1: Bedding Basics

A few must have items on our list were bed risers, a twin XL sized mattress pad and twin XL sized sheets. Luckily for us, Tuesday Morning had all of these items available for a great price. Risers will create some extra storage space under the bed which is always nice when you are working with such a small room! The mattress pad is sure to add some comfort to the standard dorm room mattress.

dorm room decorating ideas

Tuesday Morning had twin XL sheets available in a variety of great colors. This size can be challenging to find so I was excited to come across them!


2: Operation Organize

Living in such a small room can be challenging, so making the most out of the space you have is important. Tuesday Morning has a lot of storage solutions to keep the chaos contained and the room tidy! This closet organizer is a great way to create a shelving system within the closet!


Using space saving clothes hangers is also a great way to maximize the closet space. These are very inexpensive and come in a variety of colors! One hanger holds up to 4 pairs of pants!


This divided laundry hamper tote was also a must have item. The handles are perfect for easy transport to the community laundry room. I love the mesh pockets on the side… great for detergent and dryer sheets! The way the tote folds up makes for easy storage when not in use.


These rolling storage baskets can be used in so many ways. They are perfect for storing extra towels, shoes, clothes, sheets, blankets, etc. and will be easily accessible stored under the bed! These come in several colors and sizes.


We didn’t want to buy too many items without seeing the room in person, but I know we will be making another stop at the local Tuesday Morning store for more storage solutions.

3: Study Station

As a parent, I want this area to be used often (like every single day)! A desk valet is a great way to keep supplies on hand in an organized manner! I love that it doubles as a dry erase board as well!


To finish off the desk area, this LED light up initial sign adds a personal touch and will act as a great nightlight for those late night study sessions! The small decorative globe adds a whimsical touch without taking up a lot of space so that they space feels decorated and welcoming! And last but not least, I thought this sweet journal would be perfect to write down notes, thoughts and reminders! I may write “call mom” on a few pages just as a gentle reminder!


Adding these items (and of course the snacks) will make this area a welcoming place to hit the books!


4: Keep it Cozy

Leaving home and moving a few states away can be both exciting and scary. I want to make sure my daughter feels like her space is somewhere she can relax and recharge when the studying is done! Colorado temps get much cooler than Texas temps so these cozy items will be perfect to curl up with.

Since the only option in a dorm room is to sit on the bed or in a desk chair, I thought this pillow was a great buy! It will be perfect to lounge on while studying, reading or watching TV.


And of course, everyone needs a fuzzy blanket to cuddle with! This one is a great size to use as an extra layer on the bed or to cozy up with for a night of studying!


Both the pillow and the throw are available in a variety of colors!

As you can see, our shopping trip to Tuesday Morning was successful. It was so nice to be able to get all of our dorm room goodies in one trip! Just look at this selection in my local Tuesday Morning store…


Are you ready for a shopping trip to Tuesday Morning? To find a store location near you, click HERE and check out the newest arrivals HERE! Be the first to know about new products and promotions by signing up for the email newsletter HERE!

Featured Products: twin xl mattress pad: $19.99 (compare at $60.00); 4 pack bed risers: $7.99 (compare at $19.99); twin xl sheet set: $29.99 (compare at $85.00); rosette lounge pillow: $9.99 (compare at 39.99); shelf closet organizer: $10.99 (compare at $24.99); LED Letter Sign: $12.99 (compare at $30.00); laundry organizer tote: $14.99 (compare at $30.00); globe: $9.99 (compare at $24.00); desk valet: $4.99 (compare at $12.99); 4 part hanger: $4.99 (compare at $9.99); rolling under bed storage baskets: $19.99 (compare at $40.00); hardback journal: $5.99 (compare at $12.00)

For more dorm room decorating ideas, join us over on our Pinterest board: Dorm Room Ideas

Make sure and follow all of Tuesday Morning’s boards on Pinterest for great inspiration all year long! You can also find their social media accounts here: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter!

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    Are lounge pillows available

    • Lindsay@whimsygirldesign
      Reply Lindsay@whimsygirldesign

      Hi there! I purchased the one shown above a few weeks ago but also purchased one last week because my younger daughter wanted one, too! I have seen them in several stores over the past few weeks! At only $9.99, I am sure they will sell quick! The SKU is 1666266 for the teal one if you want to call your local store and have them check stock! These come in several colors, so the SKU might be different for other colors. Hope that helps!

    • Lindsay@whimsygirldesign
      Reply Lindsay@whimsygirldesign

      Just found the SKU on the gray one I purchased (not shown in this post) for my younger daughter. The SKU is 1666262! These also come in off white, leopard, black and coral! The SKU will be different for each color. Hope you can grab one!

  2. Reply Ms. Sharon R. Vernon

    My need is a twin bed

  3. Reply Susan White

    I love your passion for diy, decorating and shopping home decor. We,have that on common, thank you for sharing.

    Happy shopping,


  4. Reply Donaphine L Shamburg

    I am looking for all the window curtains offered at Tuesday Morning. I bought 2 pairs last year but need 2 more. I don’t know the brand name so would like to see all that are in store. They are made of linen and polyester.

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Hi! If you happen to have the SKU number, you can use our Product Locator number at (800) 901-0881. Simply enter your zip code to locate a store near you that carries the item. Since we buy closeouts we have limited quantities, some areas may be sold out. We apologize for any inconvenience!